Ignorance — The Master Deceiver

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“Take a moment to close your eyes; sit up straight and just relax. Now ask yourself, who you really are. You might probably find yourself having answers as follows; like, you are a teacher, a student, a priest, a devotee, a doctor, an engineer, a manager, or, a father, a mother and so on. These are but the roles assigned by life to your body-mind construct. It is perfectly okay to use them for the purpose of convenience in your daily life, but most often, we identify with the role so completely that we take it to be an identity of us. We forget that by thinking so about ourselves we are in reality identifying with a social mask and a transient station of life that can go away any moment. If all these roles, situations and positions are taken away from us, we continue to be who we are in our very essence. All these are situations and roles have hardly anything to do with what we really are at the core of our being. — Excerpt from the bookAwakening Inner Guru” by Banani Ray and Amit Ray (This material is copyrighted, and published by permission from Inner Light Publishers)


Ignorance of our true nature is the reason behind our false identifications. ~ Banani Ray

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