World Peace: The Voice of a Mountain Bird

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World Peace: The Voice of a Mountain Bird by Amit Ray and Banani Ray

This is a fable of a tiny mountain bird, which had a vision to change the world and bring peace on earth. Life was beautiful but war devastates everything. The story runs through her joy, pain, anguish, struggle and wisdom.

World peace
World peace

For most birds life is simply eating, drinking and raising their chicks. This bird finds a higher purpose which turns to a mission in her life. Through the nightmare of war, she comes to the realization that she needs to do something for healing the soul of humanity. With the help of her guide Yashir, she follows her dream to spread peace on earth.

This is a fable about the healing and raising the human consciousness on earth for peace on our planet. We are not helpless, each of us has a role and the story shows us the way.

The goal is to create a wave of peace across the universe. The collective consciousness is the mind we all share. The idea of this may be new to you, and it may require a new way of thinking. This book is for awakening the collective consciousness and to bring peace on the earth.

It gives a new vision for humanity’s future. The book shows how it is possible to create societies founded upon cooperation, trust, peace and love. Humanity as a whole has now reached a new level of maturity. Collective consciousness has always been there, but our world is just now being to realize how much we can change the vibration of the entire planet by understanding collective well-being.

World peace and collective consciousness
World peace and collective consciousness

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